• Bias cut- a garment cut diagonal of the grain of the cloth and therefore, has more of a drape effect. See Madame Vionnet ;for example.
  • Bolero Jacket- A loose, waist-length jacket open at the front.
  • Haute Couture- the business of designing and making custom made clothing for private customers.
  • Cites Document-Protected species covered by CITES are classified into three groups according to the level of

threat they face. Import and export of live specimens, of their parts or of products derived from

them is either banned (appendix I, with exceptions) or else permitted only with special


In other words:

if you want to trade to or from the EU (importing, exporting or re-exporting) parts of animal

species included in the CITES appendices and products made from them (e.g. handbags,

wallets, belts, shoes), at the time of import or export you are required to present the original v

valid CITES certificate (CITES export permit or re-export certificate), issued by the appropriate

authority (CITES Management Authority) of the country of origin or provenance. The necessary

documents can only be issued upon satisfaction of certain conditions and must then be presented

to the customs authorities.

The CITES members have established a list of endangered species dividing it into 3 levels of different priorities:

APPENDIX I : (also known as appendix A)

This appendix lists the most endangered animal and plant species of all those listed and protected by the CITES Convention. These species are threatened with extinction and Cites categorically prohibits international trade in them, except when they are being imported for certain non-commercial reasons (article III) , as in the case of scientific research.. In such cases trade is permitted as long as it is authorized by an explicit import permit and export or re-export permit.

APPENDIX II : (also known as appendix B)

This group includes the so-called “monitored species”, that is, species whose trade is monitored and contained. Commercial trade in these species is permitted, but is strictly regulated and every example must be issued with its own Cites certificate in order for a sale to take place. These certificates must show the details of the animal and of its import, the import licence and so on….

APPENDIX III : (also known as appendix C ).

This appendix includes controlled species, where the species is protected within its home state and that state has sought help to control trade in it and limit the decline of the species. These states require the collaboration of other Cites members to prevent unsustainable exploitation and illegal trade in these species. International trade is permitted only on presentation of the relevant permit or certificate.

Both python skin and crocodile skin are included in these appendices; therefore trade in them is carried out subject to the strict rules and procedures enforced by Cites.

Some species of reptiles and snakes are currently in danger of extinction due to the destruction of their natural habitat and due to heavy international trade in them, in many cases through the opportunistic and often illegal sale of their skins. It is possible to contribute to the improvement of this situation by adhering scrupulously to all the regulations concerning trade in protected species.


  • Chevron- the symmetrical diagonal stitching that angles from from one corner to 90 degrees to the edge.
  • Flip flop- A shoe that has a tong that fits between the big toe and 1st small toe closest to big tow and create “thong” to keep the shoe adhered to the foot by straps that elongate from the center of the 1st toes and the big toe.
  • diamante- “diamond” in Italian
  • Damier- means checkerboard in French
  • Key bell-The leather embellishment is an extension on the handle of a handbag that holds the key that locks the accessory.
  • Kitten heel- A short but narrow heel; less than 2″ with a diameter of no more than 0.4″ (1cm) where it reaches the ground.
  • Mermaid Silhouette- A dress close fitting throughout the bodice and throughout down the hips and then shoots a flare from the mid or lower calf.
  • Monochrome- all one tone/color scheme all shades of blue together, the spectrum of white to gray to black; or the lightest shade of yellow to the brightest shade of yellow
  • Pop Up- A temporary retail store.
  • Satorial- of or relating to clothing or style or manner of dress: “sartorial splendor”
  • Sandal- any type of shoe with straps that allow the foot to breathe. Could be open toe, open heeled or both.
  • sustainable- ethically sourced or created with the an environmental consciousness
  • Trompe d’oeil- “ To fool the eye” For example, see Rene Magritte’s “Leci n’est pas une pipe” which is not actually a “pipe” but a rendering of one.



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