Today’s Tech Youth vs. Prehistoric Art

Art is a constant exploration of any space at any given moment and as the currency of the steadfast growing globalization’s path of our Earth further develops, I am challenging humanity to begin to shift and cross cultural boundaries to where we will and can see beyond religious and political ties.

Most everyone in America has the complete understanding that there are two things that dont make good dinner conversation: Religion and Politics.

I would like to explore a new concept: Art viewed in a “religious” sense or as some would coin it:

“Art esteemed as an inclusive theology for each individual .” 

The catch? Not just the pope or the president or the wealthy but absolutely everyone would get to express themselves with their own blank canvas or any other any VISUAL artistic medium that speaks to the certain individual.

Its important to realize that even if you as the reader and I could even agree on the same things religiously, never will we have the same exact idealogies in politics as well – everyone is different and instead of dismissing, ignoring, or punishing those differences, we need to learn how to connect within discourse without the primal urge of “fight or flight” that every person struggles with in any instance every single day.

As our multifaceted connections continue in the present moment as well as socially through new medias, I believe that this is becoming more about conflicting idealogies and the yearning to be understood is a vital aspect of each individual human on this planet. We all wish to communicate how we are feeling, thinking, and reacting to such drastic changes in some many different aspects of life. In turn,  Social media has grown so much organically and therefore, at the same time, is threatened instrinsically due to the newest and most dangerous predator in the world that can cause much more harm than any lion, tiger, bear , or shark could ever imagine. Corporations.

This is just the beginning of humanity against the robotic, artificial “intelligence” that is lined with lots of money and support of a few powerful while stripping the world of its resources, everything and everyone’s overall value, and the corporations’ cost effective maze of lies and policies they continue to weave everyday.

We are a visual community- we thrive and feel stimulated by imagery and as studies have proven in the past, men are even more so enthralled with such visual components.

In this hypothesis I am presenting here, we would all get our own tangible 3rd object that in simple terms would symoblically seperate my mind and body from you and yours. In other terms, instead of butting heads when we don’t see “eye to eye”, we have a “prop” that we can discuss- why we do or do not like it.  Not whether we agree or not because that should not be the center focus of the conversation- its not a conclusion you have made, its a process of learning- whether it be about a religion you are unfamiliar with or you are trying to learn more about a person you don’t know well yet.

Imagine yourself trying to explain why you believe what you believe to another person face to face- many cringe at this idea. A third party- whether it be an inanimate object, another opinion of someone, or in the best regards, a visual illustration of  something you have created that explains your ‘vision’ or perspective on the matter and makes it an easier and more pleasant experience for everyone. When we see a created visual component, we don’t expect it to be the same as our own interpretation which is acceptable- if this is deemed acceptable- why we could not relate this concept to religion and politics is that not ok to be different . As we all have heard and know,  ” A picture says a thousand words”.

My own best example of this proposal is not necessarily geared towards you as a reader. I dont think art should or even could be put in such a high regard for the current adult population of the world. What inspired me to write this is that I want the future of our earth to be able to

a) visually explain what they see and have something that is their own creation with their own hands- not something manufactured.

b) explore these unavoidable primal urges to create and inspire with their own visuals they have created will impact their own reactions- and get a lot of frustration out and relaxes the mind at the same time!

C) The best article I could find that translated what I have been contemplating is from an article I read from the Guardian here.

The best way I can explain it would be in this art activity I would love to apply to a classroom-like setting one day:

Each child would get a plain sheet of paper. They would be asked to draw what they think God looks like. Before giving them the drawing utensils, to jog the students’ creativity, a number of images from all throughout history would be shown via projector and we would explore the idea of God depicted as a person, thing, and/or place would be introduced visually (not explained) to get the most organic response from the children.

After reviewing the slides, each kid would draw their picture and after 15 minutes, the conclusion of the lesson from the activity would be:

  This is YOUR picture of God which you have created. Because you have been able to create this, whatever you have depicted- this visual of God you have drawn is beautiful and know that it is beautiful because it is a reflection of yourself. You are meant to be on this planet for a reason, never doubt that- and now you are aware that you are a part of your own translation from thought to paper and whatever you have drawn is not wrong or right. It is beautiful because it is a part of you and whenever you get scared, worried, or bored, creating art could possibly be considered a visual prayer to God and to your well being at the same time. 

If anyone has heard or done an activity like this, I would love to learn more about it. Please message or email me with any enlightening information you may have. I am all ears.

Since children have iphones, computers, and fidget spinners now which suck all of their attention, memory, and simple joys, we need Art to take humanity back away from artificial intelligence.

Before our days of the Ipad and the internets, Art was used in a secular manner from all spans of time and relations to a high power to explain things sometimes that were unexplainable without a visual aide or it just made it more exciting.

So to answer the question of

Are fidget spinners the children’s answer to what Venus of Willendorf pioneered?

Yes, fidget spinners are the new captivating personal object devoted specifically to our own selves ( and is not just a communication device) just like the Venus of our past.

These fidget spinners are the good lucks charms of our post modern world- children are told that the fidget spinner are good for them- the devices keep away ADHD and “calm” them and while I think fidget spinners are better than handing a child a “digital pactifier” (also known as mom or dad’s Iphone ) when they begin to cry, a fidget spinner is the future generation ’s longing for something they dont understand yet. I hope to help them find a way to express themselves and keep them determined to expect the most from themselves and to do what is right with reasonable understanding of what having morals means.

In contrast, in our research and view on the subject matter is below:

Venus of Willendorf is the iconic small sculpture of carved limestone and red ochre at about 4 inches tall that was discovered in 1908 by an archeologist named Joseph Szombathy near a small town in Austria. It has been dated to the Upper Paleolithic era which is roughly 28000 to 25000 BE. Because her size, the material she is made out of, and anthromorphic depiction of a woman figure has lead scientists and historians believe that the Venus statuette was not been made at Willendorf but it was made elsewhere in the world. During these formative times during humanity’s creation and direction,  it is suggested later in history, that researchers believe most every person had a scuplture that they carried around with them-  because at this point, we were hunters and gatherers- as nomads, humans roamed the open land searching for the best water, land, and food sources depending on the seasons long before farming and irrigation were even considered a possiblity to cement humans to one locale for a long perod of time, we clung to our personal objects as a part of ourselves. Now let me ask you this: do you consider your iPhone as a part of you? weird, right?

I learned about Venus of Willendorf as I was taking a community college Art History course as a dual enrolled student while in high school. She is an important symbol of prehistory. Some believe that she is a fertility figure or a good luck token but it is agreed that the fact Venus of Willendorf is intensely abstracted and since emphasis is placed on the breasts and enlarged stomach instead of giving her face other than braids adorning her head gives her a kind of anonymity that leads us to think that she is more important as an object rather than a specific person.

Last note for this post: I hope this post will resonate with some of you and I feel I must say I am in no way a religious fanatic but since everyone is more interested in self expression via selfies etc, I think art is a way we can all learn to connect in this new era of the post modern disapora we are in now and have us connect as a community, as similar to the secular ideas of communities that human kind has banded together for in the past.

Thank you for reading and while I was looking for a picture of a fidget spinner on Google, this headline caught my eye: Fidget Spinners Zombify Youth probe  



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