Games of Thrones: Designer Edition

After learning the latest news about Peter Copping leaving his Creative Director position at Oscar de la RentaFashion and Fine Art Design is here to note on this continuing “trend” noticed that is current within the luxury fashion design industry- the story has been replayed several times even in the past year: a well known fashion designer is appointed to be the new director of a coveted fashion house for a bit and then, for similar but different reasons, these new appointed designers are leaving the names that dictate fashion and turning around to work more on or to create their own brands.

Household names such as Donna Karan, Tom Ford, and Oliver Theyskens simply have raised the wall against impeding disagreements on the creative direction of the houses and are walking out because they are passionate about their craft and want to remain true to their visions- which is one of the reasons why they are so well revered and painstakingly watched by the fashion industry as well as the entire world in the first place. It has always been commented on by the media as some sort of a “scandal” but in any case- it is has been definitely disheveled that at many fashion designers have left some of the biggest and most prominent fashion houses of the world onto greener pastures.

Everyone from Raf Simons leaving Dior to Marc Jacobs leaving Vuitton seems to dictate a similar pattern. One of the first and most memorable upsets such as these for me, was when Alexander Wang , who is an American designer, was appointed to creative director for world reknowned and historically embellished Balenciaga left after less than stint of 3 years at the Spanish luxury house. I was both excited and shocked when I first heard the news- questions swirled as I wondered why such a talent would walk away from his dream job. I came to the conclusion that he was making a smart decision because his then-current collection at the time was flying off the racks because they were so innovative and different than anything else on the market. Here is look that I featured the dress in last year– Love! Either way, I would imagine an established name like Balenciaga either made him feel like he had to hold back sometimes or even that the company maintained quite a heavy hand on Wang’s creative direction decisions. Anyhow, Wang’s obvious personal success with working on his own label while simultaneously working on Balenciaga’s collections was a complete success so as I always like to say, “everything happens for a reason” and it was kind of inevitable.

An excerpt from Fashion United explains the same occurrences that I have noted above:

“Copping’s resignation from Oscar de la Renta follows a series of high-profile reshuffles at coveted fashion labels, in the recent times. While Louis Vuitton issued a statement denying rumours that Louis Vuitton Women’s Artistic Director Nicolas Ghesquière might be departing the brand before the end of his five-year contract, Valentino co-creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri moved to Christian Dior as Creative director of the women’s collections. And industry is abuzz with indications that her predecessor, Raf Simons may join Calvin Klein anytime in the next few weeks.” Full Article 

I find this a fascinating trend- what do you think? Winter is Coming-and fall season is right around the corner! Feel free to comment below with your opinion on why the fashion world’s kings and queens seem to be challenging their own “game of thrones” so much recently- alternate theories invited!

Check out more information on this topic in this article for a full list of very notable “12 Fashion Designers Who Quit Famous Fashion Brands For A Reason” 


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