Just in From Paris Fashion Week! Hermes Fall 2016

Hermes Fall 2016hermes 2016 fallThe color palette of Hermes’ latest Fall collection is a mixture of airy constellations rooted with soft neutrals in minimalistic in nature but dynamic in execution silhouettes. Androgynous shapes with the softening of shades of pink such as the “Desert rose” that was mixed with  more Sienna hue separates translated well with the serendipitous color blocking the varying neutrals with pastel we have seen so far in other designers’ collection in the past week at #ParisFashionWeek2016. Hermes’ overall color combinations were accompanied with an interesting mix and match of texture including minute quilting details in some dresses and coats at the beginning of the show.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 11.00.37 AMHermes 2016 fall

I think my favorite segment of looks were the black and white combinations that included constellation-like textures (studs?Beads?) with more optic-centric knits really tied in cohesively with the entire collection. While the few optical and somewhat obscure scale of prints created an abstract feel and were positioned with a more muted palette in either monochromatic or in the classic combination of black & white. Even with varying colors used, the aesthetic was represented in a varying colors but stayed true to similar shapes, textures, as well as tone on tone ensembles mirrored well even with the stark contrast of the studding/constellation detailing that really draws the eye to the impeccable tailoring of each individual look.

Overall, I really enjoyed the collection and will later post more about the initial inspiration once more media coverage is posted. As always with Hermes, it was all about the accessories to complete the ensemble- olive green long gloves stole show in my opinion! What did you think of the Hermes show- still classic or pushing the envelope of minimalistic but modern design?
Hermes Fall 2016


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