Part 2: Ten Tips about Art & Parrot Painting progression

Here is the most recent of the painting I have been working on- today I worked on it outside before it started to rain so it was nice, cool, and breezy which is perfect painting weather in my opinion. parrot painting progression shot parrot painting progression shot

For tips 10 thru 5, please see the previous entry here.

And #4 of the 10 Tips about Art:

I stumbled across this video today and thought it resonated well with our current topic on Fashion & Art blog:

I Could Do That | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios

This is a great video that explains about automation of art and why its just as important as traditional art. It actually explains a lot of the instances I was hinting at in my previous entry so I was quite pleased when I saw this video.

I am going to end with the top 3 tips about art in the next entry. In the meantime, check out the video above and decide whether ” I could do that” when it comes to a piece of contemporary, non representation, abstract, or modern art.



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