Parrot & Orchids Progress- Landscape addition

More progression of this 24″ by 36″ painting- I am attempting a new perspective. I have been inspired by a Hudson River valley American artist, Martin Johnson Heade. Check out the link to his artwork and what I really like about his work is the multi dimensional surface and textures he created. The foreground, middle ground, and back ground have so much going on , it’s almost like they are 3 paintings in one! For example, one of my favorites by Heade is the one below and the following pictures are more progressional shots with the first and last picture on this page as what I have so far. Much father to go- still working on the big idea and looking forward to creating the eventual details that will bring the parrot and the painting to life.

Hudson River Valley movement
Hudson River Valley movement

IMG_0049_2 IMG_0050_2 IMG_0051_2 IMG_0052_2

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