#ClosetheLoop Fashion Recycling Week- H&M’s Launch

textielThere were exciting things announced in the forefront of Fashion news recently that includes the beginning of a new era for Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Along with their “Conscious collection” that is being advertised with celebrities such as Amber Valletta, Vanessa Paradis, and Olivia Wilde, H&M is now in collaboration with London College of Fashion and is launching the first nationwide Fashion Recycling Week to raise awareness about clothing waste and sustainability.

Students will be creating store window displays at H&M across the UK including Dublin, London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Leeds, Brighton, Bristol, and Manchester. Customers in London can go to the piazza in Covent Garden where a giant garment-collecting box will be there to take unwanted clothing in exchange for discount vouchers in the H&M store.

The event will run from August 31 to September 6. “It has been an incredible opportunity for the students to explore sustainability from both a conceptual and industry perspective”, Renee Cuoco, manger at Centre for Sustainable Fashion, told WWD. “ The Students’ work showcases creative approaches in encouraging people to value clothes as the precious resources they are” (MSN)

H&M’s recent studies found that about 95% of throw-away fashion could potentially be re-worn or recycled. Catarina Midby, H&M sustainability manager, explains H& M’s initiative since 2013  “We recycle no less than 97 per cent of the clothes and textiles we collect into new products like clothes, insulation for cars and most importantly into new garments, closing the loop in fashion”. (VOGUE UK)

This is my hope for fashion in the future is that we can take technology and turn “waste and recreate in good taste”. I am excited to see what the students of the London College of Fashion will come up with the repurposed clothing. Stay tuned for an update when H&M’s new window installments will be on display. The fact that such a big player such as H&M is looking fiercely at their carbon footprint, it is no wonder that other companies are following behind in their direction as well as other companies are in the works of creating new types of fabrics that will be able to be reduced and reused more easily for other purposes than clothing as well as utilized into something else by looking more into the science of how fabrics are made and ultimately repurposed into different aspects as well such as the insulation for cars as mentioned earlier. Thought provoking and exciting!

For more information on H&M’s Initiative, click to learn more about #closetheloop here.



  1. My name is Genieve and I was the designer commissioned by a group of students to make a a big Couture dress from recycled clothes which you are welcome to look at on my page. This was a very challenging & exciting project to work on.

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