Jet Setter

Jet Setter
While getting to the destination is always worth it, traveling sometimes is not easy. I strongly suggest wearing some extra layers in case the climate changes within the cabin. Always bring a light weight jacket for if it gets too cold and stowing a pair of sunglasses & a scarf will allow you to get some more privacy when you want to take a nap. My personal preference is that I don’t like to check baggage so make sure you pack light enough you can have a carry on and a sturdy purse/tote/backpack you will be able to access during the duration of the trip. Bon Voyage!

Jean Paul Gaultier blue jacket
$775 –

Karl Lagerfeld circle skirt
$320 –

Versace clothing

Gucci leather backpack
$2,385 –

Bulgari bracelet watch

Bavna diamond earrings

Miu Miu mirror sunglasses
$380 –


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