CHANEL Haute Couture 2015 Fall Fashion Review: Fusing technology and Art for the 21st Century

The glitz and glam of the casino floors with its flashing lights, mesmerizing beeps of glossy machines, along with the slight brush of the hand on plush green surface of the table all bring forth the idea of the endless search for Lady Luck and her gambles.

Cue the Sinatra. The show for Haute Couture Fall 2015 collection, Chanel exuded the vibrance of a present minded Karl Lagerfeld that has attributed much of his success to remaining optimistic as well as ‘in the moment’:

“You have to like the present; if not your life becomes secondhand, if you think it was better before. Or that it will be better in the future.” –Karl Lagerfeld

This quote resonates well with his current collection of smart tweed suits along with the occasional LBD midi and whimsically sweetly hued evening wear. The buzz from the crowd with Lagerfeld’s current muses such as Kirsten Stewart, Julianne Moore, Geraldine Chaplin, Rinko Kikuchi, Rita Ora, Lara Stone, Vanessa Paradis, and Stella Tennant all wore one of a kind ensembles created by Lagerfeld himself to capture the essence of each muse ( and of course, they were sprinkled with a sparkle or three of the comets, stars, and camellias of Chanel’s fine jewelry collection.) They all continuely were playing games while the runway show commenced.  as you can tell from the pictures, it was quite a spectacle and a fun addition and placed the clothing within a scene. This is notable because often haute couture is deemed as not realisitic because one cannot imagine where they would wear such a superflous dress. Chanel 2015 Fall Collection set the audience in the actual scene and energy of a casino with an abundance of luxury looks complete with sleek architectural structures suitable to wear into the night and if need be, until back on the plane home in the morning after a night on the town.

When asked about the inspiration of the collection,  Lagerfeld broke down the metaphor of risk winning his own role in fashion:

“I gamble with collections more than ever; I’m always telling myself: ‘You can do better. You’re lazy. You can make an effort…I never get any satisfaction from what I’m doing; I do it for the doing, not the having done.” -Karl LagerfeldChanel Fall HC 2015 ruffle haute couture chanel fall 2015

Aesthetically, the textures and silhouettes of the smart and modern looks were forward thinking enough even with the ever enduring box tweed jackets deemed classic by many paired with just a nostalgic air by using certain textural materials such as sequins and lace. The most haute couture chanel 2015 fallinquisitive aspect of the show was that some of the garments with printed with a 3D digital printer- the quilting for once is not hand sewn! This revolutionary hybrid of craft mixed with technology is so interesting but Lagerfeld was sure to mention that all the design work was first laid by his drawings and then remastered digitally. This fusion of fashion and art of creative design but streamlined by machine brings the best of both of man made and computer generated material.

Some of my personal favorites included the 3 piece tweed pale beige/ burgundy suit, a calming sea foam green cocktail dress paired well again the following lavender ruffled number – both exquisitely laced and with intriguing necklines- modern and yet still reminiscent of French Baroque lightness.

I recently went on vacation and got to experience the energy and sounds of a casino – the bling of the machines, ladies in flashy dresses cheering on the gentlemen at the black jack tables, and the smell of cigarettes and alcohol mixed with sweat and cologne that fuel the sunless, hourless room that one could easily get lost in. There’s a certain edge that the casino attire brings to the table , so to speak. The sparklier the better, the loudest wins, and be sure not the gamble your heart away. 😉

In conclusion, Lagerfeld’s show is an example of how haute couture is continuously being reinvented by incorporating more sensible, contemporary looks into the mix of what used to be mainly haute couture: evening gowns and the occasional pant suit.

With collections such as Chanel’s 2015 Fall, it is arguably a groundbreaking collection that steps forward in to the future a bit with the 3-D printings but dips back in the classic pillars of Chanel that brings us to the balance of the present moment-which we should all be thankful for and look forward to tomorrow for more chance.


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