What Matches? Stylist Session: What Colors Look Best on Everyone

*DISCLAIMER*   The purpose of this website is to promote broad consumer understanding and knowledge of various fashion topics. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional styling advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your personal stylist or other qualified stylists and/or friends with any questions you may have regarding a fashion statement or styling advice and before undertaking a new styling regimen, and never disregard professional styling advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website. The following information, including but not limited to, text,  and other material contained on this website are for informational purposes only.

So with the disclaimer at the beginning of this article, I would like to share my experience with styling that I have this point in my adult life.

I will start by staying that within my “cycles of fashion” throughout the years, I’ll be honest -when I was young, I was all about the color turquoise. Anything turquoise instantly made me look more tan so it was the optimal choice for me.

This worked for me for a while until about half way through undergrad and I was dashing around my apartment looking for something to wear to my graduation from the University and I realized that practically everything I owned had a remnant of aqua, teal, or turquoise. It was then that I realized

“I had cornered myself into a fashion faux pas- relying on an entire unforgiving color/ set of shades in my wardrobe that honestly from the beginning I really just enjoyed being around-  it wasn’t originally about wearing the color”

Looking back, it was perhaps more on interior decorating side that I loved the color so much but ultimately, I ended up shopping for one item here, another item there etc. which  resonated with me and I ended up buying it because it was my “go to “ color.

Then later, I expanded more with my color choices and basically, I was all about that one fancy schmancy blouse I would find and I would say, “ I’ll just pair it with jeans or a short and presto chango-donezo!” and at first, this type of shopping appears to be great on the pocket book when you buy that one top on clearance but what happens when you get home with the prized item you bought on super sale to find that – It doesn’t blend or match with a single thing you already own? 

In theory, the eye-catching, memorable blouse is awesome. It can turn heads, be an assortment of colors so then you can justify wearing any other color with it that is “in the color scheme”.

Or maybe you just wear that top to a happy hour where you end up getting photographed a lot. Now every time you wear that super fun and loud blouse, everyone and their cousin on Facebook has seen the shirt and will always remember the shirt because you did a good job- you found a truly beautiful item. however now you dont ever want to wear it out anymore because you’ve been all over social media with it on and it now feels “dated”.

Now, to answer the questions we are all wanting to know-

What colors look best on everyone? How does one transition from the day look of the office to drinks after work?

Now, I am not fully condoning all out shopping sprees but having attended fashion school and working in the industry opened my understanding of how to dress professionally and intrinsically.  Because of this, at one point, at work I was only allowed to wear black and white.

My first reaction to this? WHAT???!! What kind of cruel and unusual punishment was this?

The truth this that I finally realized after almost two years of wearing just black and white to work that I now was more focused on the shape and silhouettes of wishing I was wearing that one really fun wrap dress I would wear once every 1 and a half weeks or waiting ALL week for casual Friday.

So to start, Black and white is a classic, iconic look that will never go out of style.

I learned this and adapted to my own the past couple of years and what I came up with by focusing on shape instead of color that essentially by buying everything in the color black.

*** if you are in college, I would definitely recommend this route because you, again, can pretty much match any top with any bottom without worrying about whether it goes together or not and just basic enough that you dress it up or dress it down with accessories.

Please see disclaimer above before reading the following statements:

From my experience and from seeing other shoppers’ experiences, buying several items at one time that you have tried on together and in similar tones /shapes is probably the best bet for productivity and longevity for your styling freedom so you can mix and match easily.

Now you don’t have to buy half of the collection you’ve been eyeing but I think this is the main point for this article:

Personally, I believe the best color scheme that will work for anyone and everyone and not get boring is to invest in a bunch of neutral colors in your wardrobe.

I am talking about beiges, off white, oatmeal, sand,butterscotch, taupes, biscuit, cream, khaki, chocolates, sables, siennas etc etc and if you are feeling daring, mix these colors with your classic B & W combination for more contrast.

I am currently experimenting with this approach now. With these combinations of calming tones, I have already found much more freedom in the way I dress simply because everything is similar in color but different enough that each outfit from day-to-day looks that I am able to differentiate with various styling techniques in accessories by incorporating more fun jewelry, scarves, hats, and shoes.

If you are thinking about going with a softer palette such as mainly neutrals in your wardrobe, another argument by taking this route is that this gives more way to buying more fashion forward accessories in brighter colors, shapes, and textures . With a relatively simple color scheme playing as the backdrop as the ensemble, you can throw on that crazy color blazer you never wear for the office and it will finally be that statement piece that finally has versatility. Or for the night scene, you can take off the blazer and jazz it all up with a pair of violet stilettos or a fluorescent yellow clutch without even a second glance from others because neutrals make almost any look accessible.

So finally, as I approach what is deemed a pretty significant birthday, honestly I am still learning what and what does not work for me personally but I am trying a new approach to my own styling that I think in most cases, could help out a lot of women.

What about you- what is your go-to color palette for every day to every night wardrobe success? I’d love to hear your success and your past fashion faux pas = WHICH WE ALL HAVE 😉

Cheers, take some fashion risks, and happy shopping!

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 9.38.37 PM


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