Painting Progress of “Shrimp Boat”

This is the painting I worked on this evening. It is in reverse chronological order- from the latest application first and the last picture being where I began working on it today. It is no where near finished but I like to document my artistic process because it helps me look at the work more subjectively- especially when I am cataloguing the small changes every couple of minutes. Please feel free to share any comments, suggestions, or advice so far on this painting- I can’t wait to post it when it is finished! ** the magenta sky was a last minute addition and really helped the painting *POP* more, what do you think?photo 4-8

photo 5-4

photo 3-10
photo 2-19
photo 1-15

photo 3-9
photo 4-7

photo 2-18photo 2-18


























photo 4-6


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