Acclimating to “Beach Time”


I am ecstatic all my sewing machines and the box of my patterns have arrived safely. I was quite apprehensive about shipping my machines across the country and even more nervous about not flying with my drafts, patterns, and blocks without me but because of the sheer volume of documents and would have been too cumbersome to put all of it in a backpack and would have probably gotten a bit damaged, I chose to ship them separately.  Originally I was also planning on shipping my mannequin as well but with the weight of the podium she was on and her elongated shape would have made her journey quick costly. I am very grateful that my love managed to figure out how put her in our checked bag for the flight quite easily with clothing cushioning around her:


Since arriving, I have been setting up my studio space as best I can so far without these essentials items that I have been waiting to arrive. Now, I am looking forward to setting up my studio space with all my tools and fabrics that have arrived separately along with the items I brought in my suitcase.

But first before I continue with that, we are fortunate to have a very special visitor right now that we are about to take on an adventure to the Farmers Market in a few pictured above.

 The main change I am noticing from West coast bay side living now to east coast small town life is the pace. All the wildlife everywhere is certainly a change from the grunge, glass, and gore of the city. From the tree frogs living in the patio furniture umbrella, the bees and wasps floating around, to the juvenile red corn snake hunting and living in the crack under the stair. It seems that as co-inhabitants, everything is peaceful in existence. This is quite a different mentality than has evolved around me in the last several years so I am looking forward to the change and challenging myself in new ways within my artistic process with new and different inspirations all around me.



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