From Bay Area to Atlantic: my story of Gentrification

photo 2-16photo 1After a 5 year long love affair with the city of San Francisco, my companion
and I decided it was time for a chance to reinvent our passions by finally leaving the city and our SOMA apartment behind. Even though our apartment had a “dentist” sized sink that was barely big enough to wash my face in while the neighbor peering through the small portal window without me knowing for the first three years, it was my home. I learned and created so much in the space. subsequently, since the apt was the central area of town, it became a focal point for a lot of our friends we had acquired over the years. The shotgun apartment boasted a kitchen the size of a living room with a dishwasher (which is pretty unheard of in the city) so my companion as a chef had his space and the small living room on the other end of the hall was my creative as well as our dwelling doubled as an art space for painting and sewing.


One time I remember fondly is the Irish Brunch we held for a good friend’s bday that was in March that included lots of Guinness, Harp, and Jameson along with delicious mimosas for the ladies. Our Chef made green eggs and ham with a delectable spinach hollandaise, drunken Irish potatoes, as well as the french toast casserole I made while Frank Sinatra crooned “Luck Be a Lady” and NOFX’s “Somewhere over the Rainbow” on the speakers in honor of St. Pattys day.

Something else I will always is when I had a makeup and hair team of 3 doing three models’ makeup before my fall 2014 Fashion show at 1015 Folsom which we were fortunate to be having the event at which was only a few short block away.

It is the times like these that ultimately made it a hard decision but with other elements at home on the east coast, including finding out about my mother’s cancer diagnosis, we decided instead of looking for another apartment in or around San Francisco where we were specifically looking to pay less rent than currently while acquiring more space wasn’t going to be possible with the current way the city’s population is booming. All the apartments in our price range were mostly in-law apartments and even more in-laws at same pricing we paid now that didn’t even have a kitchen!

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 4.46.14 PM

Photo: View from our back porch during the Folsom Street Fair event last year- the largest leather party in the USA.

But what do u expect after San Francisco winning 3 World Series along with a booming technology industry developing throughout the city? Nothing but growth equaling to more people, more traffic, new subways being built, the Twitter building being surrounded with “micro apartments” being built meanwhile in downtown Financial District, an  immense hole in the ground where the new SalesForce building will be going up with an intricate under building structure that will include parking as well as a new stop on the BART and/or Muni.

We realized that with this kind of rapid growth within the city limits, San Francisco was not the city we had come to know and love. Instead, all the older tenants were essentially being forced out of their homes so new, younger, and more wealthy renters can come in and capitalize on the fruits of the city. What they don’t realize is that these fruits were begun by the residents that have lived there for decades and now are being forced to move due to gentrification.

I am trying to think of things I will miss but honestly, the city has changed so much while we have lived there that it seems to only be an exoskeleton of the city we once knew. We will miss our friends whom we love but not the cityscape as much because of its current metamorphosis.

Because of this, I am no longer living in San Francisco but plan to be back in the Bay Area within the year. My partner and I  are looking at other cities and towns within the Northern California region to move back to so in the meantime, we are back in Florida for a couple of months so here’s to new beginnings of exciting new projects coming up and follow Fashion & Art to see continued processes of art, design, and more.


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