My interpretation of Designer COCO CHANEL



This is a painting I have been working on for a while of the fabulous Coco herself. This has been a challenging piece for me because capturing Chanel’s gaze… it is arguable that it may be nearly impossible to get the expression of such a complex woman. Still, I continue to try to work on the painting periodically but the real challenge? Trying not to overwork her face. I had a completely different size head and accompanying features when I originally started the painting and I have actually decreased the size of her head, leaving Chanel’s profile being just about 1/3 of what i had drawn originally. Currently, I am focusing on the creating the depth, texture, and eventually will delve into the luminosity of her pearls. I focusing on this again, so i don’t have the inclination to overwork her face!

Stylistically, in the beginning of starting the piece, I started with a light tan/orange beginning behind her because I was going to continue the process of creating something similar looking to her infamous Coromandel screens she had all over her apartment. This has now changed to one of her noted favorite colors but I decided to keep the etched images that adorn the Coromandel screens.

The following images are the progression of my last painting session- at the moment, I am trying to focus on the texture and luminosity of the pearls.

IMG_5826 IMG_5827 IMG_5829 IMG_5830 IMG_5831 IMG_5832


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