Designer Profile Series: Gabrielle Coco CHANEL’s Start

Coco by K. Lagerfeld

Designer Profile: Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel’s Start

From the classic look of the tweed coat to the timelessness of the infamous LBD, the face of modern fashion owes much to a spirited, petite Leo that reinvented what it means for a look to be considered “iconic” time and time again as well as paving a new way in how we perceived fashion captured into fragrance.

From the only reliable source on where it all began, the most accurate interpretation of Chanel’s life is in the portrayal, CHANEL: Her Life  by Justine Picardie and is accompanied by Karl Lagerfeld’s drawings.

I encourage you to pick up this book to learn more about the history and beyond the drama that often chased Madamoiselle throughout her life and still today- much of the book is cited by correspondence of Chanel herself as well as her counterparts.

As hard as Coco worked to pronounce herself as a designer, I empathize with the truth is that in the beginning of her fashion design career, she was buying straw hats and adorned them with ribbon. She began small and unknown and eventually became an empire with the help of others  she loved in her life just as passionately as hard as she worked to make a name for herself as an unmarried and adventured poised woman. I

Before there was Coco Chanel, the Belle Epoque era was in full glory with the billowing florals and laces, wasp-like corseted waists, and large, ornate hats.

la belle époque stylingMademoiselle’s inclinations as a designer was far removed from your typical French lady. She preferred simple lines and dark colors that seemed revolutionary, modern, and sophisticated when in fact, these aspects of simplicity, utilizing black cloth because it didn’t fade as quickly as other color fabrics, and many aspects were used and it is evident that many of these qualities already existed in her wardrobe while growing up at the conventIMG_5815

It’s not the most conventional story  but Chanel’s story inspires me because she did come from a severe, unknowing, and stern childhood growing up in an orphanage and she eventually worked this particular aesthetic to her advantage and changed the very thought of how a woman should present herself actually takes homage from her simple beginnings at the abbey of Aubazine in the railway town of Brive-la-Gaillarde, France.






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