Dolores Park Estate Sale Finds

Heading back from a glorious meal at Bar Tartine this past Sunday- which we have reviewed on my companion, Andrew, and I’s blog, “2 Hearts in Culinary Arts”. See our first review here: Bar Tarine SF Brunch

So we were heading back toward downtown from Dolores Park after lunch and happened to just miss the train home just as it was leaving the the park’s station. We decided to walk to the next stop and wait for the next train arrive when low and behold, we stumbled on an estate sale just before the stop.

Needless to say, I dove into the piles of jewelry that were displayed. Some of my finds include the following:


I also found a small 14K ring with an small emerald for the most amazing price that I do not have pictured because it was very hard to get a good image of it so far.I like the idea of recycling and reusing older accessories. I believe that older/”vintage” pieces add sophistication and create more of a story than say, a necklace you buy from Forever 21! I mean, the craftsmanship on all the pieces were amazing.

One recommendation if you are planning on utilizing accessories from a previous owner, whether it be from a family member or from a garage sale, is the same with clothes, ALWAYS clean the product before use. I really recommend investing in an item such as this particular Brookstone Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner.

It doesn’t take long to clean and I always just do a few piece at a time, starting with fine jewelry- white gold & platinum first, then gold and then most on to costume jewelry. I have really enjoyed this piece but be sure to only use this product on certain types of jewelry. The rest I say this is because I know that Swarovski crystal jewelry should never be put in water and this system uses water so that always good to keep in mind as well before placing an enamel earring with glitter on it into an ultrasonic water bath!


With the sun shining onto the tables displaying the accessories almost made the jewelry hot to the touch! I immediately fell in love with this orchid brooch- so delicate and versatile as a brooch and can be used as a pendant on a necklace. My favorite find is the ornate brooch in gold and silver accents on a chain that also is convertible with a pin mechanism on the back of the medallion. I am very excited about these finds and plan to incorporate them into the styling my upcoming Spring Summer 2014 collection.

mediallion orchid fishie


Lastly, the clear and amber glass beads of the largest necklace is something that reminds me of another day and age- I would love to know the age of some of these pieces but I plan on treasuring and taking care of them because its items like these that truly withstand the test of time and go from generation to generation. The sun glinted off the beads and I was immediately drawn to the amber tone of the accessory.

For $15, I got these items and a few more including an antique silver serving spoon for my love’s creations in the kitchen – it really just needs some polishing up-a little elbow grease if you will : ) and Andrew also found this little fish pendant that we are going to look for a nice long chain for him . The fish actually wiggles as well!

So all in all, it ended up being a good thing that we missed the train at the park. It’s amazing what you will find in the journey and the alternate routes you take and what it can immediately lead you to .



  1. I agree with you that such “finds” are treasures whether or not they are “valuable” in the monetary sense. I LOVE the wiggly fish! And the orchid brooch is superb. Thanks for telling about Swarovskis and water…In fact, I was not aware of the dangers (not that I would go out of my way to immerse them but you never know…). Great blog!

    1. I used to work at Swarovski- for reference, try not to wear the jewelry in shower or clean with any sort of chemicals! A lint free cloth will wipe away any excess dirt or oils, protects the item, and helps it maintain it’s sparkle!

      1. working at swarovski must have been quite the job! what did you do there? thanks for the info twice as a friend for whom i made swarovski window pulls was about to clean them with windex!

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