Current Studio Portrait of upcoming season’s collection

photo 1-4As opposed to taking a selfie, that usually exemplifies the subject’s portraiture- I decide it would be fitting to document my current state artistically/intellectually “selfie” by exploring the space that is my creative playground- a still life of operation you might say.

Finishing up the final touches on my Spring/Summer collection which collectively has been fueled by the inspiration I surround myself with. These items include include my painting- both in progress, my serger- an antique Babylock, current projects on the desk as well as a wooden sculpture I purchase on a beach in Negril a while back and photo of me and my love.  While working, I often find myself pondering, ” What would Karl do?”. 



 Some Key aspects to a Positive Artistic Art Space

  • Don’t let a small space prohibit you from doing what you love! Just be sure to keep it all contained in one part of your space – put away your project when finished working on it for the time being.
  • When working on one or several projects, I have applied a time management system when I am working on project because I find helps keep me focused and energized by taking breaks and switching tasks. Tell Siri to give you a 15, 30, or 45 minute timer and when that goes off, it’s time to stop what is being worked on, and do a 15 minute clean-up/alternate task.
  • I have said this many times but it’s always good to hear it again-Documentation is a key aspect of the artistic expression because the execution/progress is one of the most important aspects of the whole experience! Work in the time intervals I mentioned above and when that timer goes off, stop and take a “Selfie” of your work in progress. Don’t be shy! It takes a lot of courage to do this I won’t argue that and I have particularly found that by showing this progression, opens to a lot more self-reflection, dedication as well the interest it will generate.

What are your most important factors for a positive work environment? Do you think that what you surround yourself with is what ultimately inspires you?


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