Continued Progress of my newest painting- “Hawaii Awaits”

The following shots of the most recent painting I have been working on is pictured below. It is not a completed piece – still in progress. So, the first picture  below is the latest version of the work ,”Hawaii Awaits”. Upon scrolling down,  the steps of process files back to the original piece’s beginnings that I made in order to get to the stage I am at now. I have much more to go but I find that even though I sometimes dislike showing my unfinished work, it is a challenge for me because  I am able to look at the painting of what i have at this point more objectively and then when closely documenting the time lapse of each individual panting, it is rewarding to see where I began and how the piece became to be. The most troublesome area for me right now with the painting is the fact that I just need layers upon layers more to get the desired effect of texture, light versus shadow, and ample blending. I am especially looking forward to painting in more contrasts with the final black and white detailing stages especially on the right. The purple and green orchidwill continue to look quite muttled and abstract until these last few steps of the painting, this is the part that propels me forward! I know the orchid I saw that day in Conservatory is ready to be seen , I just have to pull it out of the canvas that’s all !

I work primarily in acrylics and this is a composition I created by combining pictures of flowers I photographed at the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park.  The varying light quality is due to I was painting in the evening. The image immediately below was taken today in sunlight to show the true color palette.



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