Bvlgari Exhibit at the DeYoung Museum

Bvlgari FJ

I went to the Bvlgari exhibit at the DeYoung recently and got to indulge my senses with the sparkle and glory of such fine jewels. As you may have gathered, I would have to consider myself a jewelry aficionado. However, I consider myself more knowledgable in fashion jewelry- Swarovski crystals as well as what could be considered luxe “costume” jewelry.

Anyhow, the whole point is I know much more about fashion jewelry than fine jewelry and this exhibit:

I learned about the different periods of Bvlgari jewelry and the architectural elements it has utilized such as the Tubogas collection which translates to “gas pipe” is made popular in the 1930s and 1940s due to its flexible and durability nature that was created due to the fact that did not require soldering created by wrapping gold tightly together.

Bvlgari FJ

As well as the Spiga collection, which I found the following information about from

This chain is made from small figure of eight links which give it an almost square, plaited profile. It is a strong, complex chain which are qualities that are usually reflected in its price. This jewellery making chain is also known as Espiga Chain and Wheat Chain.

Beading Glossary Jewellery Chain - Spiga Chain

I came to the conclusion that it was exquisite work- the attention to detail and the craftsmanship of each piece of dazzling beauty sparked my imagination. Some of my favorite pieces included the necklaces that incorporated the history of the italian House of Fine Jewels by using both Roman & Grecian coins as the center pieces of the design.

Some of the pieces , with their bright colors and variances in clarity, shape, and color made some of the treasures look like candy!

I feel like after my journey into the realm of fine jewelry’s best, I better understand the beauty, value, and resilience of such opulence. This was further expanded when I was able to view some of Elizabeth Taylor’s personal collection.

The exhibit was noticeably shorter than the previous exhibits I have seen before at the venue. I kind of wish that the exhibit also listed the price point/value of each individual item but I understand the reasons why that would not be such a good idea. However, it would definitely have been interesting to see what even one of the archived styles, some with such vibrant colored gems and materials such as lapis lazuli and cotton candy hued coral that I imagine some of these colors are hard to come by in our oceans in this day and age due to, for example, the erosion of our oceans’ reefs. This jewelry truly exemplifies another period in time when opulence held no bounds and unmatched quality.
Bvlgari brooch


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