LA Fashion Week: CONCEPTLA’s Lee + Lani Swimwear SS14 Installation

Photos from Lee and Lani Swimwear Spring/Summer 2014 collection


The feel of Lee + Lani’s Swimwear installation was definitely a different approach to the installation model of presentation at ConceptLA this past weekend. As former swimwear models, the duo designer team definitely knew how to grab the audience’s attention by making the presentation fun to watch as the models each held different individual “chores”/ specific scenarios. For example, a model stood watering flowers and astroturf, another toyed with a manual lawnmower while others lounged in lawn chairs with the model in the back flipped raw meat on the barbacue – all ladies in heels and swimwear gave the installation a playful feel.

The presentation overall created a fun Old Hollywood glamour aesthetic with kitsch appeal that even gave more a sensual, pin up feel especially to some of the more “provocative” items such the Chroma’s asymmetrical one piece in sapphire blue and Nocturnal’s collection of the white mesh bikini. The Maldives monokini in the shebert hued pink and peach was clearly a crowd favorite and my personal favorite as well. Overall, the swimwear collection definitely boasts variety in the innovative cuts, silhouettes, and shapes along with pops of color and texture.Monokini lounge C.Turner



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