“Moon Glimmer Heaven”- Part 1 of my Epic Summer

This summer was definitely the hottest one to date since we have moved here.

I am going to recap harvest of this summer’s fruits-the change and success in many aspects of my career as well as an artist/designer/individual within the next several entries. This part will be one of the most spiritually aspects of the season thus far:

Much thanks is to be given to Califrornia’s temperate weather being so beautiful and makes it easy to enjoy the miracle that is nature out here on the West coast. For example, my birthday this summer, I was able to experience the greater outdoors camping on a lake near Frenso, California. It is a couple hours south of San Francisco so the weather was different than often foggy SF…it was fabulous! The sun was hot, the lake water was cool, and, as a native Floridian, being able to swim around in a lake like this:


instead of this:Image

without a single care about whether there might this: Imageunder your feet was a wonderful feeling. Not even really any mosquitos either !

It was a beautiful trip. We camped near the lake,  day hiked, swam, waked boarded, and basically just out of the city life pace for a couple of days. Absolutely stunning scenery.ImageThe icing on the cake? We planned the trip around what is known as the “Super Moon”.http://earthsky.org/tonight/is-biggest-and-closest-full-moon-on-june-23-2013-a-supermoon

So we set up the camp fire and watched the Moon dance along the ripples of the lake as she rose into the night. I have never felt so close to a celestial body. We all joked that we were going to get a “moonburn” so we better find the “moonscreen”ImageImage


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