Pursuit of Happiness- More Progress on Lady Bird


I worked more on this painting yesterday- I spent the majority of time going over the parrot’s wings and fleshing out the kaliedscope of color that a bird’s wing has. I also decided to add a pink of loud pink to her dress! I definitely like the dimension it gives the dress. My talented painting professor in undergrad at UCF, Dr. Walter Gaudnek, absolutely pitched a fit when I came into a class one time with a project that incorporated this hot pink! So it is con traversal to say the least because he also loves fashion but this particular pairing of fashion and fine art at the time was considered not acceptable.

As I grow further as an artist, I further the study and devotion to examining the differences and similiarities between Fashion and Fine Art and push the limits. Dr. Gaudnek has  Ph.D. in Painting from NYU and .is a self proclaimed “Rebel Artist” ( see his picture below) so some may say it is fitting that I examine and question these two entities and their longlasting relationship with technology braiding it all together.Image


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