“A Perfect Situation”- Photoshoot Reflection

We just finished the shooting my latest Fall/Winter collection today- it was a long day but I am completely In awe of the talent that i witnessed from everyone involved. With such prominent talent each individual holds, it was a toss up whether we would be able to get the overall aesthetic we sought. As the day’s light receded and we were wrapping things up, the photographer was saying that at the beginning of the day, he was concerned that there were going to be “too many chefs in the kitchen” per se when it came to direction. In contrast, the photoshoot actually became a collaborative, moving installation in situ next to the beautiful San Francisco Bay. Everyone worked together and were able to combine their expertise- from art direction and advertising knowledge from Alisya, Ryan juggling the digital and Analog cameras (  his beautiful camera featured in https://candaceturner.wordpress.com/2013/05/11/so-far-away-were-up-all-night/), and transforming the subject’s mood with fabulous make up and hair by Ariane created the dynamic I was craving.

Definitely the MVP of the day, most of the good energy and optimism greatly is part of this is due to the model, Melanie’s outstanding work.  She was able to  shift and combine into the roles that the photographer, designer, and art director all were requesting at the same time! She truly captured the essence of strength, spunk, and variety that I wanted for this particular collection since the inspiration is so dear to my heart.

On that note, before I become a pumpkin, I am going to rush to bed to wake up for the new day tomorrow and picking the best visuals of the day.

It’s days like this that truly make me realize that Fashion and Art are the passions of my life- it’s what I breathe , eat, and sleep for.

My deepest appreciation to the team today for all their hard work- love you all!  ❤


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