Painting Series: Birds of Paradise “Alors On Danse”

Switching gears, today consisted of making a lot more progress on my initial inspiration for my newest Fall/Winter collection. I feel that by stepping back from the montony and tedious tasks of sewing and placing emphasis on what is essentially explains the mood for this particular body of work.  i do love sewing but sometime you just got to delve into another media for a couple of hours to shake off any hesitations, tiredness, or just changing it around for something a little different!

Below is the progression of my Acrylic on canvas painting that I haven’t titled yet but basically it is hommage to a very important lady in my life- I consider her the muse of the painting and subsequently, the collection as well.

So for the continuation, I have added the foliage to the bottom half of the large canvas and plan on much more detail on the leaves- characteristics that some tropical plants I know and love. Basically i was just trying to fill in all the white space because as I have said many time before, one will never get the quality/luminosity of the texture in paint without many layers and just simply going over the same colors several times to achieve a more opaque or more blended feel to the brushstroke, whichever is preferred- it take the time of working in several sessions to get closer to the finished product.



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