My summer girl

I went all over the map of the collection I have been piecing together- the intricacies and additions have been fueled by my vision. Birds of Paradise, Fall/Winter 2014 is a whimisical take on deep jewel tones along with the sharp contrast of shades such as maroon, burnt sienna, and gold. I am focusing on the darker palette of the array of colors but the color story is not so much trying to completely withdraw colors from the feathers of these winged creatures but a more of a whisper within it’s own direction influenced some by the 1920s glamour ( in particular inspired by the costume direction in the tv show, Boardwalk Empire)

More recently as I’ve been doing the final touches on pieces- I worked on 3 separate garments yesterday… and better yet, there is a extra special aspect to this collection that I am still working on but am extremely excited about.

One of the knit shirts I made still needed the sleeves attached so I decided to add some embellisment in one of my favorite pasttimes as a child, embroidery. I actually remember in school that I had to embroider some sort of bird as a project- very formative moment for me for sure 🙂 My passion for hand sewing continues with the lattice work I did as well on one of the tunics  as well as embroidery. So much fun!

hibiscus hybrid
hibiscus hybrid

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