Outkast Concert “I’m the apple of your eye”


I want to start by saying that I am feeling AMAZINGLY inspired today after a terrific night out to the best concert I have been to yet to date. My Chef and I had the pleasure of going to see Big Boi/Sir Lucious Leftfoot ( Big Boi as in http://www.outkast.com Ya’LL!) in a relatively intimate setting at the Mezzanine in San Francisco.


I feel so inspired that I just haven’t been to such an awesome music experience where I heard older Outkast songs such as Ms Jackson, B.O.B. etc as well as all his new solo album work. It was an amazing experience know virtually every song that was played – some songs that I was literally in awe that he was actually playing.. http://killermike.com was the pre show = awesome sauce as well.

So I just wanted to give a premise on why I felt inspired to write about music today and how it has enhanced my life.

One of my biggest passions throughout life that over the years I’ve had to scale back upon is in music simply because I have chosen to focus on devoting the time I have into a smaller number of mediums within the arts… I believe this is important because the more time you are able to devote into one type of practice, you will be better able to better hone these specific skills sets instead of spreading oneself too thin with a plethora of mediums and only slightly exceed  one’s capabilities in all areas instead excelling in a few.

An example of this for me is my slowly extracting myself out of the past of my more musically inclined endeavors. I love music because it is what helps fuel a lot of the passion of “intuitive emotion” that I am driven to express visually in my acrylic painting-  thru much of my student career in undergrad that often came from  a non-representational expressionist perspective.

In turn, I spent my childhood in musical theatre, in choir-high school- and at University of Florida and University of Central Florida, singing lessons for about 6 years along as spending a good portion of my life sitting in recording studios- from rock to hip hop, reggae and heavy metal, I sought to find my favorite but I wanted to experiment with all bass, rhythms, harmonization, etc.

So basically, anything and everything I do in Fashion & Art is ultimately inspired by music in some form or way- it’s the stylist in me as well I believe. Music can ultimately transport you back to a certain time in your life ( Par example, last night at the concert, Big Boi asked if we wanted to go in a time machine before he played ” the way you move ” !!!!) as well as create a certain mood/emotive interpretation in total expression. The great thing about it is that nothing can ever be completely replicated in an instant and how it creates such a dynamic “soundtrack of life”, if you will.



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