So far Away….we’re up all night


Last night I pulled out my sewing machine after a massive cleaning up/dusting/ throw out junk rampage in our living room. I reorganized the main book shelf in the room-removing items that were no longer of use as well as replacing the bottom shelf’s contents of painting supplies with the most heavy books, dusted all the electronics including printer, tv, & playstation etc etc. I did all this is because a) i wanted to create a better work space for me to continue the last minute additions/ finishings of my newest collection & b) honestly a friend was coming over and i wanted the place to not look like a tornado had ran through it momentarily ago!

I completed the clean up in the matter of about 45 min after my Chef called me to let me know that they were en route back to the apt. At that point, I was setting in the sleeves and had just attached the “skirt” of the blouse of the peplum top I have been working on as well as finishing off/top stitching the edges around the sleeves, neckline, and created a welt seam for the attachment of the skirt to the top in order to make it sturdy and, in turn, more wearable.

In other news, some of my ‘behind the scenes’ photography was used from a photo shoot I went on/helped with the other day for the innovative men’s clothing company, Grandma’s Couch.

The shots I did pretty much encompass an alternate perspective of the shoot – getting shots of the photographer working with the model-mainly candid shots from a distance so I really enjoyed seeing the process and some of the pictures came out quite nice including this one  photo I was really pleased with the outcome of the camera that the photographer was using for the shoot juxtapositioned with the “face” of a jutting rock protruding with the misty water way in the background.



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