Early Summer Business Casual Day to Night

Trying out Polyvore for the first time- so many options, buttons, etc etc… I am thinking that one is even able to create their own layouts?? I love layout design so I am looking forward to playing around more with this tool.
This look here I created is what I would want to wear to a business casual meeting/lunch. I think with a quick change in shoes, this look could transition well into nightlife as well.
***NOTE: I live in San Francisco but am originally from FLorida so not being able to run around in sandals, sun dresses, and bathing suits sometimes seems like a crime to me! HOwever, this is an exploration in how  to translate the Spring/Summer vibe in a cooler climate in a different way. It’s a fun challenge for me everyday when i leave the house…. I’ve put all my chunky sweaters, turtlenecks, etc away but now the mission is to to look summer “cool” while still staying warm here in Northern Cali 🙂  ( and sometimes wishing I was somewhere where it is hotter heh)
Early Summer Business Casual Day to Night

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