<3 will be right here.

And…. yesterday started off and running with a trip to the mission for the best (and most affordable) fabric store in town early in the day…I managed to get a more suitable lining in a dusty pink which isn’t one of my favorite colors really. but because I previously decided against the orange lining I bought a while back that yellow or beige lining can look dingy …just not what color I would want when you step into a garment because if it’s a new garment, I want it to look like it’s brand new and that includes having a pleasant color lining.

After the fabric store, I was all set to put in the lining of the dress or finish off the waistband’s “stitch in the ditch” to complete the waist of the pant but I decided I should do so warm up sewing before doing such key parts of the other garments. I found a really interest patterned t-shirt cotton with an abstract cosmic patten on it and decided to make a tunic out of it. I played around with the lycra and came up with something like this so far. I have a few things to work out because it needs some added reinforcement to make sure the lattice lays correctly. Its coming along so that was a nice way to start warming up.

After the tunic, I dove into making the waistband of the new Fancy pants I created recently and then attached it and it came out really well- I am quite pleased with the results- now I just have to finalize the placement with everyone’s favorite ,”the stitch in the ditch” ( im being completely sarcastic here if you haven’t noticed HAH) and after that, it’s just hemming !

I got really far on the pants but I didnt want to stitch in ditch when I was super tired – shaky hands will not be forgiving. I took a break and then somehow miraculously found the lining pieces for the sienna dress that is practically begging to be finished!  by the time my Chef came home from work, I had already cut out the fabric, completed the darts and was ready to do the side seams but I knew if I did that, I would want to go ahead and start pinning it to attach it to the shell= definitely knew I should not try this after such an eventual and progressive day  SO i did something that i have never done before really… I sewed all day and then late at night because I had taken out my drafting board to cut the fabric, I began drafting out the bodice top I have been dreaming about creating and posted the inital idea in: https://candaceturner.wordpress.com/2013/04/17/never-knew-me-a-better-time-and-i-guess-i-never-will/

Drafting is such a love/hate relationship me. It’s definitely interesting going over my old pattern pieces from when I was just learning to now where I creating my own blocks to create as many different designs from my own fashion perspective as to how pants/dresses should fit. This collection is going to define my aesthetics of “fashion forward” thinking and I think I am definitely pushing my limits as a designer and artist at the same time so it’s a good feeling. 🙂


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