“I’m gonna be your motivation go Go GO”

I definitely did a good amount of sewing done today after all that drafting, blocks, & patterns of yesterday… it is incredibly gratifying to have found this amazing fabric and I finally am getting used to my newer home sewing machine- really getting used to the tension, stitch lengths etc. Honestly, I think the way that happened is because the instruction manual is currently MIA so I had to tinker around with the machine for a while but I got a great stitch for a stretch poly/cotton suiting for the pants I designed yesterday without applying the special settings for stretch stitch ( doesn’t really work that great as a stretch stitch) but the machine may just still need to be broken in more.

So I am planning on going to the fabric store in the morning ( not the one close to my house) because i need several things including good lining, a mediallion for the back of that particular dress, as well as a few other odds and ends.

I am anxious to get these pants done quickly because I’m ready to start drafting the blouse I posted the digital illustration in the previous entry as well as the new tunic with lattice detailing i decided i’m going to incorporate it with. However, I am at kind of at a hesitating moment on the waistband- not sure how i want it to be aesthetically but i DO know I want them to be comfortable, thats for sure! It is a fine line because they are going to be high waisted pants as you can see:Image

These are going to complement my brown trousers well i think but if anyone has a an opinion, direction would be much appreciated- elastic waist or side zipper ?? I like the look of the darts- aren’t really there as much for function as they would have been for a stiffer fabric but its’ fun trying new things. 

So tomorrow, i plan on going to the fabric store early in the day and then finish the pant and then add the lining and back mediallion to the burnt sienna dress and then it’s on to that tailored blouse im gonna do next to accent these slacks.

after that, it’s on to fittings which im excited about.


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