“Never knew me a better time and I guess I never will!”

Jumping back into the swing of things after a reprise where life just becomes so apparently precious.

Update on the collection I have been working on the past few month is starting to piece together quick nicely – and starting to see the whole picture now so that is exciting. The collection truly has been a journey and I have been experimenting with a different range of colors than I am usually drawn to. The collection has developed into my interpretations based on the idea of Birds of Paradise.

I finished a couple of sleeves/edges that I hadn’t done & made a new skirt but surprisingly, I just stuck with the serger today. It’s funny, I think I am almost a better at serging than at a home/ regular machine- so many bells and whistles on the newer home models! I yearn for an industrial machine of course but they are outrageously expensive & are set in a table= take up A LOT of space … so my Babylock overlock machine is most definitely my pride and joy. She has lasted 2 sewing machines worth of time and its because, folks, things aren’t made like they used to be unfortunately. šŸ˜¦

I am planning to make some accessories to complete the looks. Here is the design of the next shirt I am going to make that I drew in Illustrator.ImageToday consisted of finishing off items and I created a new complete look…I plan on drafting patterns within the next couple days on the piece above & pants as well.


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