Metrics in Measurements “The Fashion Size Anomaly”

I do plan on writing about Semiotics in the near future but I want to do a little research/digging thru my archives before the assessment. I took Art Theory many years ago but looking back, I think I might have been too young to grasp the true relationships.

However, I feel the inclination to touch on a subject that some are quite sensitive about. I have a new perspective for you to consider

“Size really doesn’t matter”

Size in the fashion world has been broken down to a science. The best example I can think of is the women’s apparel brand ,, where they basically have reverted the tunic to instead of 8, 10, 12 sizing but using a ” 0, 1 , 2 ,3″ sizing system.

What better way to entice the more ample client into purchasing a garment that magically erases the numbers that create one’s waist? Genius but alarming.

Fashion is my life- I love this outlet of both expression and functionality- a sculpture in motion with not a single duplication of energy. It is in this synergy of emotion and social consciousness that we experience the both uplifting and downfalls of fashion’s cycle.

To all my sisters out there, a word on measurements and sizing in the 21st century.

It’s alllll relative , baby!

Its about time that we as women have evolved to the point where we realize that every single garment from each different brand/company varies. The international relationship between sizing and the actual “fit”/aesthetic of a certain brand often reflects the basis of culture and custom or even a modernized/custom approach.

Therefore, take a whirl at a new approach to shopping. Instead of limiiting yourself to one section of a a store’s selection, take a spin through the entire inventory in whatever item you are searching for- sweaters, pants, or that perfect cardi.

How many times has a dress been put in the wrong sizing place that you happened to stumble upon earlier while sifting through~ the XS selection? What I’m trying to say is that what is deemed a Small by label may as well be a Large in another! My challenge for you is instead of looking at the labeling, pick the garment up and try to size it with your eyes instead. Is it a straight skirt or A-line skirt? So many times clothes are manufactured with issues such as misplaced sizing labels, cutting the pieces of a garments a little off the grain of fabric ( makes it less durable/not fit as well) but the reason they do it is because they can fit more pattern pieces is everything is squished together!

So take your time to examine the fit and feel of what you are purchasing. If it’s on sale and a little baggy, better than being too small and also kind of more chic sometimes to wear it drapey/slight rather than camel toe-ing, ladies.


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