“Check out the hook- coz the DJ revolves It”

I have always loved the big picture- however as I get older, I am realizing how much I privy the details of an idea. More and more, as technology progresses, people are getting similar large scale hypotheses of how to tackle this new age of science, politics, retail, liberal arts, religions, hospitality, and mortality.

Tonight, me and my Chef met at the http://www.yelp.com/biz/lucky-strike-san-francisco, the bowling alley was empty but then after a couple of King Pink ( Bullet Bourbon, brown sugar, and bitters) & Chill Out ( Apricot and Appleton), the place became a zoo but you couldn’t hear the music – kind of a joy kill at first.

But then, alas, they text us to let us know our lane is ready! Just as we were about to leave & when I say we were leaving that we waited a a half an hour for our check from the bartender serving in a stale pink sweatshirt.

First game was a joke – I literally haven’t bowled since my birthday in July and we rolled up couple style next to a girl power group all warmed up. I really don’t understand when people root for others to lose- i.e. stealing my 11 lb ball as soon as I put it down and they’re all getting strikes and i’m trying to wheel a 13 lb ball.

Luckily, the ladies had enough after their 5th game ( they had been bowling since we arrived & had drinks)  and we continued.

What I love about sports is how you are able to take your energy and with your momentum, translate this power into an object. Bowling is no exception, with such a heavy ball and running forward such a short distance, it’s empowering! However, i do notice especially today since I was super tired from such an eventful weekend (included time traveling back to the 1990w and venturing outside the city to check out http://www.simon.com/mall/great-mall – ridiculously good deals there right now!) that I pretty much wasn’t going to bowl for shit tonight so I just had fun with it. The new group adjacent to us sat down and one of the guys told me it was his birthday and then went to bowl. Suddenly, I wanted to know how old he was turning- but then, I already knew. He is 27 like me.

He returned to the sitting area and I told him I now get to guess how old he’s turning. He is game & I say we are the same age. How old do you think I am?    His friends starting laughing- ” Oh Now she has you trapped.” I played for minute, “yeah how old do you think I am??!” Then I say  27 and he’s like whoa!

That was kind of cool – later after we continued bowling (& i had more beer) I asked him if he really was he 27 or just appeasing me? He said he was for real,which was kind cool. I knew it! : )

As the shadows of night falls into the depth of darkness, I realize without light, shadow will not prevail and radiance only can come from within.

The next topic of the where Fine Art Meets Fashion is going to cover Semiotics.


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