Painting Series 3 :”Ripping thru Like a missile, ripping thru my heart”



Dream Ride Acrylic on Canvas 4′ x 3′

Dream Ride was a challenge for me not only because of the sheer size of the canvas but I wanted to combine the relationship of representational & non representational together in unison that I have been so adamant about.

I started Dream Ride when my Chef & I first moved to SF almost 3 years ago. I decided to take the same concept of something like the broken television in “broken Tube” but this time, I chose a mangled old bicycle for my key shape juxtapositioned on a mainly abstract landscape.

I drew out the bike in pencil on the horizontal plane of the canvas and began the intitial strokes of bigger lines and shapes with my brush. I focused on filling in the background with one coat because I really wanted the bike to POP when I planned on adding all the details.

Probably my favorite and most time consuming part of this piece is in between the spokes of the bike- the array of oranges, pinks, yellows, and reds. I used a technique I was taught in my first 2-D design class when I was a sophomore at University of Central Florida.

How to Achieve Superb Flat and Even Color in Painting

  1. With removable painting tape, surround the desired area with the tape, locking in the shape.
  2. Depending if the shape is more curvilinear, you may or may not want to cut the shpe out of the surrounding tape to achieve varying degrees of angles and curved edges.
  3. Mix up A LOT of your specific color you want and put in an air tight container. Believe me, trying to mix pigment- whether it be dye, paint, or ink- to get the exact same hut as previously is very difficult and you will save yourself a lot of anguish if you mix enough the first time around.
  4. With the taped edges securely on the paper/canvas, use a large flat brush and evenly apply with long fluid stokes-all in the same direction so there is consistency of the texture and stroke quality.
  5. Let dry COMPLETELY- air dry or if you are impatient, a hair dryer for a few minutes works too. *****Make sure there isn’t any globs of paint in the corners that will effect the outline of the filled in area. The last thing you want is a big splotch in the corner of your obtuse triangle!
  6. Remove tape carefully and voila! You have even, flat color in the desire shape. This technique really helps give more of a modern aesthetic- a technique that I think would work well especially for like a Cubist style of painting.

This is the procedure I used for every single little part of the spokes on the bike. It was time consuming but I really enjoyed the outcome of the painting because I think the contrast of the organic landscape with lots of blending and twisty, turned brushstrokes versus the spokes’ flat color.

By the time I finished the spokes, the bike no longer looks broken down or unridable.

The color in the spokes really started suggesting movement- so much that I flipped from the horizontal plane to the vertical stance it is today!

With the extra attention spent on the green/blue background and foreground surrounding the bicycle exudes a dream like appearance-hence the name, Dream Ride.

To me, switching from the original horizontal painting and transforming into a vertical layout was imperative for the bike to mimic the movement. Some have told me that the bike appears to almost be riding out of the picture. Either way, it definitely is the biggest canvas I’ve ever worked on and I churned it out pretty quickly as well time wise as well.


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