Painting Series 2: Woman in the Mountain


Woman in the Mountain Kandinsky/Lichenstein Pastiche  Acrylic on Canvas

This painting was part of a project that I completed for Dr. McCrae ‘s class, Crossing Cultural Borders at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA.

It was an interesting course geared at revealing cultural studies including sociology, art history and theory, as well as linguistics.

Essentially the project was to be a process – one idea done to span across different mediums by using 8-10 of the vocabulary words we learned in class.

My version included going into several different forms of expression which included photo manipulation, drawing in pencil, screen printing on lycra which I then sewed into a bathing suit & as the final, the painting of the Pop Art woman in a Kandisky mountainous terrain.

The Woman in the Mountain is a study of what a pastiche encompasses.

 Pastiche: defined as a literary, musical, or artistic piece consisting wholly or partly of motif or techniques borrowed from one or more sources.

So, I really liked the color scheme and emotion the painting is but some how I feel even though the piece is compositionally mine, stylistically it is all borrowed from the masters, Lichenstein: Pop Art Icon and Wassily Kandisky, whose rhythm and color mirrored the new sounds of jazz/music of the time.

The Woman in the Mountain is like my creative rebirth here in san francisco. It gave me the ability to think outside of my usual non-representational interpretations of things and combined it with human form. It was exciting and I had a blast creating it.

Probably one of my favorite paintings I’ve done.


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