“All Night Long” — Painting Series 1 : Broken Tube


The following entries of Fine Art & Fashion will be peppered with an analysis of each of my individual paintings I have created. Every painting has a story and an emotional significance in memories and my hope is that by delving into each piece, I can better articulate the process of thought and execution.

Broken Tube  30″ x 40″

The acrylic on canvas, Broken Tube, is a product of an Advanced Painting class I took at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Fla. MY inspiration came from a picture of an old television set with the reflection of skyscrapers/buildings within the spider veins of glass.

At the time, I was one of the few students in the class that was pursuing a more non representational aesthetic. I found myself continually defending the abstract approach to my work in comparison to other students.

My professor, Dr. Gaudnek (NYU), that I have written about before ignited a new fascination in time based art. He encouraged us to record ourselves in film-painting. He argued it is important to consider how one’s timing & theatrical presence as an artist should be recorded.

So to prove to my peer & self, I began a very large canvas-30″ x 40″ with the intention of capturing a very represetational piece but of an abstract subject form.

Tackling such a huge canvas was quite daunting at first but i was pleased with how the intial form of the smashed television was coming along.

This was until it became my turn to film at the university’s studio when it all changed. The feedback from my classmates and professor on the progress of the painting was positive.

So we set up for shooting with the intention of editing later to create a time lapsed sequence. The static series of film that is the second video, viewable at http://www.candaceturner.com/Film.html

captured how in a fleeting moment, I started thinking about the class that day and became kind of angry/warmed up about the fact that I received more positive feedback from my classmates that day than before simply because I painted something representational.

I stood back and looked at the composition realizing that the shattered pieces of the glass on the television screen collected the bits and pieces of information- like form and color that collided abruptly, creating jagged edges. Clear vision distorted with the reflection of destroyed glass. I felt the presence of the camera on me as I worked, not really sure what area of the surface to focus on next when I began to take these sharp corners and use something what I would call similar for a Cubist approach in that I took the geomertic elements of the painting and “defragmented” the individual pieces, emphasizing color over form. I worked fast and furiously- feeling the quicken paced of being monitored. I went the exact opposite direction that I was going towards in a single sitting!

It felt liberating and due to the layering of paint, the surface texture is quite thick and full of blended pigments. It is truly one of my most prized works I have create because I felt I set myself boundaries and then I learned how to break them once they were achieved.

In the time lapsed video, Kristen critiques my work and by the way she explains it in the film, I felt she understood the path I had chosen for this work both conceptually and visually- especially by her hand gestures towards the reflective part of the painting.


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