“I hear the secrets that you keep When Your Talkin’ in Your Sleep”

Im feeling it. The urge.

I want to stay focused on sewing because I am so close to finishing but i am seriously lamenting about how long it’s been since I’ve painted. I yearn for the splash of colour- the blending and smearing of hues colliding together. Creating pattern of shape and line to create a static visuality gives me great joy.

I used to be mainly non representational in my artwork- focusing on the emotional response of the viewer by manipulating color and shape. I have begun to incorporate the human form into my work and it has really helped me learn how to better express myself as an individual.

It has been somewhat of a part of my life in that I always have been pretty good at things but never really amazing at one. I find the same problem when it comes to mediums-

YES i so want to take that glass blowing class, I want to screen print all the time, make jewelry etc etc etc

but I have to limit myself to only so many mediums so I can become stronger in these fewer things.

Well I am actually out of canvas I am now realizing. I could possibly draw on paper…however I am still pretty wiped out from the food poisoning over the weekend so I am going to try to eat something now and then attempt to paint tonight. Take a little break from sewing- my eyes feel tired today anyways and painting honestly feels like it soothes my eyes.

I had a dream last night about zombies. I dreamt they were after us and my Chef woke me because he said he could tell I was scared!


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