“You would Not Believe Your Eyes”

Today we woke up and dashed over to Costco because I swore to myself that I wouldn’t EVER go to Costco in late afternoon on a Saturday.

Last Saturday when I decided to go late afternoon to Costco it all just went downhill after I walked in. Besides just being a complete zoo- tons of people everywhere with the huge clumsy metal carts. First the woman who stopped dead in the middle of the main aisle to go look at something- and just left her twin sons in the cart! They were young but they were looking around like” uhhh where did mom go?” backed up the whole parade – everyone

So then I get into a line to check out, there’s a guy in front of me and a man with his son behind him. Guy in front loads up, I go to set my things out of my cart & as Im reaching in my cart, the man with the son behind me starts to place his crap on the conveyor belt. So I smiled and I dont remember what exactly I said but I was as polite as possible and I turn to grab my items and then he STILL starts to place his groceries! Wow.  I have to basically fight to get my shit on the conveyor belt and explain again to the man that i am not with the guy in front of me.  Super nice check out attendant and even a girl took the bags I brought to pack  my items. Well I’m sorry but it does me absolutely NO good when you say ” I got it all in one bag!” with a smile when you actually paid no attention to what you are doing and put the blackberries in first …at the very bottom..underneath all the heavy stuff.

Last saturday’s brutal trip to Costco ended with me not wanting my berries to be smushed, ruined, and gross so I start rearranging outside in a corner near the stairway so I would be out of the way of people. Well then I feel a feverent push, I turn around and some lady hit me with her cart!

Repeat to self:

I will never go to Costco later in the day on Saturdays.

because I value my life! sorry that is a little sidetracked but the main story is that today on our way to Costco, we passed a corner with a garage open and some guy have a sale with lots of motorcycle equipment, a trumpet, super nintendo, etc and books- well thank god I glanced over and saw : a book binding that said “SEW” all big.


I pick it up and am surprised it’s a newer book and the best part is that inside the front cover and it contains an envelope chock full of a bunch of patterns! Dress, yoga pants, cardigan, and a boxer and tie pattern as well!

I ask the dude how much and he said you name a price- I said $3.00? done deal.

ImageNeedless to say, i’m very excited and I also ran to the library today to return some books and get some more inspiration.. I was in and out pretty fast becasue now when I go, I forego the copy room. Nowadays I just grab the books I’m interested in, sit down at a table and whenever I find an interesting image, I just take a picture with my iPhone ! it saves a ton of time, money, and energy and the copied pictures always come out like crap anyways and color copies are like 1.25 each when completely the wrong colors come out when you use the library resource room. I d rather take a picture and then print at home.

This saturday trip to Costco today went pretty smoothly because I was with my Chef and  also, we got there just after they opened. smooth sailing , I just learned my lesson last week that’s for sure.

So I reorganized my fabrics and have started a new system that I will talk about in another posting because I want to do a trial one and see if it actually works before I recommend it !

🙂 Happy Saturday Beautiful People


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