Time is Never Time Enough

I love fashion because its like painting on a canvas-except the canvas has a different palette of hues on it every day. Art in motion- a moving sculpture. Mixed media of different layers and textures.

I am viewing the burnt sierra dress I completed last night and I picture the woven fabrics as pixels – like a screen over the body and then painting is line and movement. It is similar to the contrast of PhotoShop (pixels) versus Illustrator which is vector art (line & shape).

I really like the concept of time-lapse art. That is probably where this blog is progressing.

When I lived in Florida & decided to take a year off  to study for the LSAT and work at a law firm with Law school on the horizon, I decided to enroll as a non degree seeking grad  to take Advanced Painting with Dr. Walter Gaudnek to view more of his works: http://www.gaudnek.com.

It was groundbreaking for me because I realized how I need to be constantly creating and I got into this progression

  1. I would paint a large painting
  2. Then by taking the aesthetic of the painting, I’d create a dress.
  3. Finally, I would have a photoshoot and photograph the dress and then digitally manipulate to juxtaposition the model in front of the painting.

I found a rhythm in this method and really enjoyed it and then, I started grad school and I’ve grown so much from the unversity, but that raw edge that carried the urban inspired collection is something I enjoyed immensely and, in turn, the results came out better than expected.

Now with this blog, I am starting to feel the different but similar crescendo of the progress in my creations. I am making this new routine/pace a new placement in visual progression.

As a designer, you constantly have your hands in at least 3 mediums- including sketching, drafting, sewing… Learning to juggle the various parts of creating a collection require a lot of initial inspiration ( keeps pushing you forward if conducted correctly/enough) and time management that goes into the various parts of the fashion illustrations of the collection.

What I am saying is that if you make a set space and time to fully unleash your creativity- this will stir new ideas and put you in rhythm that can’t be stopped.


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