“Dance like it’s the last night of your life”

I really did not want to sew tonight. I’m pretty lucky- I only had to rip out one seam and after I thought about it, I realized that this was the one thing holding me back- I couldn’t find the seam ripper, therefore I was tired. Especially since I ate squash, black beans, and farro I was SUPER full and wanted to just crawl into bed.

Nothing a little hot chocolate couldn’t help 😉 i was proud of myself for drinking hot chocolate and not drinking coffee because it’s winter break and I dont need to fuel myself at night with coffee during this time. It’s just been so dang cold I think I just get really cold and it makes me want to fall asleep! Warm liquid def helps wake me up-whether it be tea, http://fourbarrelcoffee.com, or my Chef’s latest creation, scallop, pepper, tomato & cilantro soup, it’s the hotness that keeps me going.

So this is what I have so far- very simple silhouette and I wanted to do the surprise back strap detailing tonitght but I decided it takes a fresh eye I think before I can move forward.  Image

Another thing about store bought patterns is the super weird fit sometimes… This sample version is obviously too big for the mannequin but I sometimes like to make the prototype of a design in my own sizing first so I can wear it and figure out what parts need attention. Plus its’ always WAY easier to downsize a patt than making a small sample and then resizing from that!Image

I havent’ finished the straps or put in the lining (that s all going to happen tomorrow) so that’s why the edges look so unfinished but i think the seaming and darts came out well… not to mention the invisible zipper I applied to the original pattern to the altered version.

My main question is that the finish step for the zipper was to add top stitching all around the zip… I know that it definitely helps the sturdiness of the zip but personally, I’m not too sure I like the look of it. It almost looks old school/school marmish with the top stitching. Opinions on this would be helpful- do it because it makes it more durable or stay on trend with a invisible zipper finish that doesn’t have that top stitching?? That is the constant battle as a designer- aesthetics versus functionality.

But for tonight, the duel is over but the battle continues on the morrow! I now must crash. zip


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