“As I look Around”

So I’m in the process of sewing the dress I altered from the store bought pattern and its been a LONG time since I’ve actually sewn from the directions from a store bought pattern.

Honestly, I am finding all these little errors but mainly its the lack of information in the pattern card and the way they make the pattern with the seam allowances included( god awful HUGE 5/8″ SA!!) Whatever, I’m almost done. Main reason I wanted to write this during the process is that I am completely appalled that they call for a “14” inch zipper”.

Umm.. this dress definitely calls for an invisible zipper and is pictured with one… however the directions do not include this information. This pattern was originally 16.95$ however it appears that it only HALF of the information is provided! the lining is the trickest part and according to this, is summed up in 7 “easy” steps- 4 of those steps include adding a vent. which i find hilarious because there should be a whole next section on just how to do the vent.

I just feel bad for the person who picks out this pattern was is labeled as “fast & easy” because it really lacks important details. It’s all about the details in the end, right? It’s what everyone focuses on so dont be discouraged if you are new to sewing. Ive sewn all my life and especially have concentrated on the craft for the past 5 years- my undergrad present from my mom was my Kenmore sewing machine and if you are in any way similar to my story, then you know that sewing is not like fast food- it isn’t always fast and easy.

So I installed the zipper but Im pretty tired so I am going to work on the burnt sienna dress more tomorrow. Today was the hard part- tomorrow I get to add the back rings strap detail and basically finish so I’m pretty excited about that


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