Just Go Ahead Now

So I’ve been pretty busy the past couple of days but I have several ideas that I wish to accomplish when I get home tomorrow.

  • Finish my fabric inventory list catalogued by yardage – which i need to type & not handwrite! plus it will be in my computer which is a plus. Future acquisition includes making sure I have the fabric content listed as well so electronically stored initially.
  • Must quit moaning and whining about not knowing what detailing to add to it! just finish the damn Rust cotton shirting princess seam dress..All I have to do is install the zipper and sew up the side seams. Then, I can move on from the silhouette and start working on what I really do best- the details/styling. However, I’ve decided  I want to focus on completing the dress and then once I see it on the mannequin/model, I hoping that inspiration will strike &  I might have a better idea on how to make it POP!
  • Finish the hems of the sparkle knit dress and attach the other sleeve. I might try to use a contrasting ribbing or something for this knit dress. FYI www.fabric.com is having a sale right now. I have been pretty lucky with their selection quality wise but if you’re in school, just keep in mind that they take forever to ship sometimes. ( I didn’t see much selection in the apparel fabrics but haven’t looked at home decor or quilting areas if that’s your thang.
  • & lastly, I’d like to adapt another old pattern I found in the bottom of my trunk- exciting because this patt calls for a more loose and flowy material and I have two fabrics in mind-Any suggestions of which to use first would be greatly appreciated. IF the pattern adaption is successful in cut and fit in one of the fabrics, I think I will probably use the other fabric too so it’s not like it’s one or the other 😉 so it’s just I like the two so much I can’t decide which to use first:
  • Which to use first?
    Which to use first?


  • Any suggestions are appreciated! They are both very colorful because the last dress I’ve been working on is very structured and a solid hue.

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