Discography of Topography

Golden Gate Park
Golden Gate Park

One thing I love about living in California is the landscape. I am from Florida, we are lucky if there is one hill… a slope even. Yesterday we went to the glorious Golden Gate Park for little disc golf action. I just recently discovered that I am not as bad at throwing a frisbee as I was as a child. yesterday I was actually doing good!

These two guys walked by when i was “putting” ( close to the goal) and i tossed the disc over the hill where the goal was ( you can’t actually see it, you kind of have to guess)

And I threw and I watched it sail and they watched it as well and they were where they could see it land and they were like dang!

I was thinking oh great, way to screw it up but then i walked over and i actually was super close to the goal! lucky shot for sure.

I have always loved the mountains. When I was a teenager, my friend Bell and I hiked almost 120 miles on the Applachian Trail in a little under 3 weeks.  We always said that we would one day hike the rest of the trail- not from Maine to Damascus entirely, just bits and pieces every year.

mushThere were lots of fun treasures along the course , besides just the disc. These lovely fungi caught my eye and I guess someone at sometime used to live in Golden gate park because I discovered an old well:

well  besides the killjoy group behind us, it was a beautiful day and I have improved on my initial throw – I just try to aim between the certain trees to get through the brush until then when I can “putt” nearer to the goal. It’s funny because this time we started with the back 9 and it’s a way more treacherous terrain than the front 9.

I actually think I did better on the varying landscape. I am still just learning All I know is that i need to work on my momentum to get the distance first but I have weak wrists but it’s all in the wrists. Gotta figure that one out.;)


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