“Back to Life, Back to Reality”

Hello. Welcome to 2013- the year where dreams are realized, acted on, and accomplished. 🙂

my new years eve was good. Pretty low key-hung out with some friends, old & new & i actually finished the shirt I made for New years like 2 hours before I went out! even with a couple of set backs ( and also i keep adding more detailing to the front which delayed me attached the front to the back…also decided I didn’t want the back of the shirt to be completely sheer- i liked putting in just the mesh/see through side panels. I took the orchid screen print I made a while ago, made it into a shirt and even threw on some sequins for the occasion : )  I dind’t realize it at first but i was very inspired by the Boardwalk Empire tv show- if you havent’ seen this one yet, it’s like a Sopranos storyline but set in the 1920s = Prohibition era. Main point is the lead lady wears the most amazing period dresses/ cloches/ coats and I kind of went for a 1920s style look with this piece- I think the orchid print makes it kind of nostalgic while the see through side panels create a more modern silhouette and then the sparkle knit used for the back & hem combined with the shell like gold sequins applied at the end of the sleeves to add some glam/POP.

SpeakEasy Tunic


Pretty content with the results on this one- I always work better under pressure/with a deadline that is for sure!it looked great with long gold and black chain necklaces and shiny black leggings- an interesting mix of modern and nostalgia. Of course it will look better on the model but it was fun to wear on such a special nite.

New years day my Chef and I woke up late morning – went and saw Django which Leonardo DiCaprio is in and Christoph whatever is his name is – now HE is brillant. Leo was good too- Jamie Fox rocked it too : )

Now i am going to go cook the southern tradition of eating black eyed peas and collard greens to ensure luck in the new year. Let’s make this new year healthy,productive, and optimistic : )


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