“Cause it’s you that’s on my mind”

Last night was another eventful in my creative adventures but also different in the fact that for the first time in a while, I got to a stopping point – I couldn’t really finish any of the new projects I have going on like the cotton dress, my new years shirt because i didn’t have any needles for stretch material, or start do the same dress pattern over in the Italian marbled silk until I went go back to the fabric store to a) get a new lining for the first dress because and b) a new cloth to go with the silk accents version of the dress. So I raced over to the fabric store across the street and i was like for at least 30 min because, I dont like to say it, but the quality of their stock has gone down tremendously in the past couple of years- especially their lining department. I really do need to make a trip down to the mission before I make any rash decisions with the cloth I bought.  I will post the possible color combinations I have now – I bought a burgundy wine red cotton/nylon blend that seems very sturdy and comfortable. I was thinking a silk on silk dress would be too much-and uncomfortable! But that is a possiblilty I should keep on the back burner because I think the reason I equate silk dresses as really uncomfortable is because, being from florida, basically silk dress are a no no if you want to stay dry! Also, when I moved here to Northern California, even at work was like, ” why dont you wear foundation everyday?” the answer is because in FLorida, you can’t wear foundation because it will melt off your face IMMEDIATELY! haha

Anyways, so after I went to fabrics store, I severely wanted to finished at least the burnt sienna dress so I can start thinking about how to accent it…but I had to h0ld off because the lining ( and practically everything else I am planning on using soon) definitely needed to be washed and dried to get to the core of the fabric’s behavior I picked up for it. Recently at our apartment building, there is never all three washers and dryers working. Either there will be 2 washers or 3 dryers or vice versa. So i took the liberty of saying screw it and I started hand washing everything in the tub. I realized that while these items were soaking, there was no way I was going to be able to sew what I need to in order to finish these samples tonight sooo I decided:

LET’s DYE!!!!

I started out with these Abercrombie & Fitch stretch jeans for $19.90 that I purchased right before Halloween- they fit too good and at a price I loved so I had to get them. A minor problem with them? They are day glow Orange. Not like a nice terra cotta tone or anything but BRIGHT as possible! It was autumn so I was like hey- orange jeans, why not?  Techinicolor jeans are huge right now and all I had was either black or blue jeans at the time. So done.

I only wore them a couple of times- once to class and then more notably, the Giant won the World Series again  this year and the celebratory parade was on Halloween!! The cool thing that I loved about this moment was that the  Giants’ team colors are Orange and Black- and the parade was on halloween!

So naturally, I wore the day glo orange AF jeans and they fit great and looked cute with my Giants grey and black ringer tshirt. Besides getting smushed by the crowds, we had a great time.

but yeah, the point I am trying to make is when do we know a purchase has been just another ugly fast fashion trend and we waste the money and never wear the item again?

Now I run out of laundry and I see those jeans in my closet and i think now where the hell am i supposed to wear these NOW?!!! The way I see it, is that if the item is at least quality made- color is an easy thing to change so last night, I brought out my dying supplies and dunked those day glo suckers in the boiling black water for about 40 minutes and Voila- problem solved.

Now I have a great fitting pair of jeans in a completely interesting, less obtrusive color, redyed an interesting dress I dyed unsuccessfully before and I threw in a bunch of my elastics in so now they are greyish black instead of the bright white… Pictures to follow when everything is dry ! : )

This all invigorated my creativity so then when everything was boiling and drying, I went back to sewing with my stretch needles of the orchid print I posted in the entry before this! SO excited about this one because if all goes to plan, I will be wearing it tonight! Of course i have to go back across the street after i finish the back of the garment because i want to find something sparkly/sequining to put on the shirt- maybe it will just on the sleeves or something but i need some sparkle for the new year for sure : )

Since I didn’t post progress pictures this entry, i will leave you with one of  me and my Chef’s favorite songs off the new Big Boi album- love the song, it’s very dreamy sounding and the lyrics are so relevant to our time but makes it romantic somehow= i dont know how that is possible but please enjoy NEW YEARS EVE and stay safe- dont let others drink and drive!


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