“and i am the rain king”

Well it’s 12:00 and I’m officially exhausted but immensely happy about the progress I made today. Today was a challenge- grey and frigid during the day and then dark and drizzly evening and also because  I found an old store bought pattern while I was cleaning yesterday and decided to try to alter it. I ended up not making blocks out of this particular one because it called for either a linen or cotton blend. * A block for those who do not know is a pattern piece that has been traced out onto card stock so it is easier to creating different looks from “building blocks”.  Personally I prefer stretch fabrics- just the way they hang on the body is just different than anything else and since in this style I am using a non stretching but beautful burnt sienna cotton shirting. Instead of relying on the stretchness of the fabric, the pattern has princess darts to create the shaping in the regular “stiff” fabric.

OK but the part I have to mention is that i stared at this: my absolute favorite Italian silk found when I was in Rome last.


I just stared and stared at the fabric for like 20 min- it’s such a funny feeling i was terrified!. but then I realized that I heard somewhere the other day that

People on average regret more on what they didn’t do than the things they did actually do.

and since yesterday I decided I was only going to experiement with a small amount of the luxurious silk… I justcut off just a little bit and now am experimenting with the small pieces of fabric on the new dress I am almost finished with..its so exciting. I am just at a stopping point because I want to add some asymmertical detailing with the silk but I dont know how I am actualyl going to add that to it yet.


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