shedding the excess /dazzling with jewels

I did another round of throwing out old fabric remnants today and in general tidy work in and around my studio space. This time, I reorganized the fabrics mainly by the length of the fabric I have on hand – the ottoman has all the fabrics I am currently using and ones I will be using in the future as well as a particular drawer of all the novelty 1/4 scraps I’ve accumulated – ridiculously priced remnants- 1/4 for like 15$ ?! Unbelievable and too valuable to just throw away.. they are good to start getting inspired, that is for sure. I also have some Italian silks I purchased when I was in Rome last. Quite an investment and I really want to use them but it is kind of intimidating to actually start make the first snip into the fabric! I have been so close so many times, close to cutting out the pattern but then finally realizing that due to the delicate quality and value of the silk is that I needed way more planning before I commit to a shape. But I have finally come to a good consensus after several years of this scenario almost happening when I am sitting there biting my lip, brow furrowed , and about to make the first cut…Since the silk is relatively stiff compared to the fabrics that I normally prefer to work with, that I am going to use these beautiful fabrics as economically as possible. Instead of an entire dress made out of some of the either very a) loud pattern/color or b) very sheer. I plan on using most of these fabrics as trims or accents on another fabric such as a knit that compliments these truly unique silks!

The other night I began another project- something I haven’t tried my hand at in a while. I mean, I have continued to sew beading onto clothing samples but I started a necklace- haven’t done any jewelry making in a long time! I feel like I have a better appreciation for costume jewelry and am able to create interesting silhouettes than ever previously. I got the main metal worked pieces from an old bracelet of mine that string crumbled and most of the other beads I found at the Heart of the City Farmers market on a Friday= the farmers market happens 3 x a week-Sunday, wednesday, and friday but friday is less produce and more crafts etc. This is where i found these beautiful glass beads- the amber/mulitcolor ones and the black square ones. Seed beads and the rest is history and the future is to finish this piece up! 🙂

Below is my progress so far shown on a knit dress I am working on- the neckline is unfinished. I just like the color combination together. 🙂

glass and seed bead with metal accents
glass and seed bead necklace with metal accents

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