Momentum in Full Force for End of Year

Now we have my favorite holiday to look forward to after such a beautiful Xmas..New Years Day!

This is my favorite holiday because New Years Day also happens to fall on my Half Birthday ( meaning it is exactly 6 months/halfway point to my bday on July 1st) So that always makes it super exciting because I will be 27 and half this year and I am thankful to be healthy, happy, and optimistic about the future.

So to mention some of the projects I have been doing for the past couple days include creating a website for my Chef’s business plan. I spent a lot of time and energy creating the website and had a couple of miscommunications with the server but now I have the majority of the photos of his past work in fine dining & catering.

I am not much of a television watcher- I mean, i dont mind watching movies and shows like The Boardwalk Empire (current one we are enjoying) but as silly as it sounds, I really have a hard time just sitting doing nothing but watching a movie! I like to be drawing, painting, sewing, etc when watching films.

On the other hand, my Chef is on his feet for 12 hours most days so it’s really important that he relaxes when at home, and especially put his feet up.

So while we were watching a movie last night on Xmas, I started sewing my first duffle bag! My serger worked great with the PacificTech material ( water resistant) and even my regular sewing machine, the Kenmore, finished off the casing and eveything without skipping a stitch!! I was shocked.

This is the duffle bag so far before I add the round bottom and turn it into a cylindrical form ( on our beautiful new carpet we just got!). i installed the lining, the contrasting durable PacificTech red lower side/bottom, and the casing for the drawstring. I dont really like my drawstring material, I think a shoe lace may work better : DUFFLE


After ironing, cutting, pinning, and sewing for a couple of hours, I sat down to rest ( also known as drawing) to practice some linear perspective and try to create the beginnings of an image for his concept which involves a hallway. This is a rough sketch what I have without any color so far- I kind of didnt want to place anything on here that isnt a finished project but as I often say,

“Art is not always about the end product, it’s about the process we use to get there.”

This blog is about my journey and showing the progression of my work and how I continue to adjust and alter things.

So here’s my rough sketchAhALL

Probably wont use it for the website but I picture it as the what the office space will look in a couple of years : ) It’s important to visualize what you are starting to accomplishment, make your own reality.


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