Reflection on Christmas Eve eve ;)

So with the semester finally over, I FINALLY have time to relax a little and got some must need house chores done- including completely reorganized under the kitchen sink with plastic bins label with Kitchen , Bathroom, and Laundry= much easier to locate things! Plus throwing out office supplies, old specialty papers, and I saved some of my older drawings from Fashion Illustration I took this past summer- I had them in a portfolio bag under the window in the living and the drawings had gotten kind of damp being so close to the window! I’m so glad I decided to take a look at them because I finally put them in plastic portfolios to keep them in good shape and easier to store this way as well. I also moved the works away from the window- it’s been incredibly drizzly here for the past week or so….Looks like a gray christmas this year!

Last year my Chef and I went camping near Mountain Tam/Point Reyes that is just north of San Francisco. It was so nice because no one was out there during that time of year and our tent was nestled between a couple of trees and some bushes-a beautiful safe little haven from the strong ocean winds of Steep RavineImage

Beyond this lead out directly to :

Last Christmas camping trip at Mount TAM
Last Christmas camping trip at Mount TAM

the beautiful cliffs of the Pacific ocean shore!! It was an amazing experience just getting away from all the commercialism and the general ridiculousness that Christmas has become that doesn’t have anything to do with the original purpose of the celebration. Personally, I have always found God as I know it in nature so it was a perfect way to spend the holiday. I hope we are able to do it again in the future!

But still I am pretty glad we didn’t book a spot like in september like we were trying to but ALL the campsites were booked even then! oh well- the weather sucks so we’re just going to stay at the apt.  I am going to help Sexy Chef make my first xmas ham ( i was a vegetarian for like 12 years before we started dating and now, lets just say I am much more adventurous with food now that i was the previous 12 years but still havent gotten started eating a whole steak or anything just yet!) I do want to try to recreate the couple bites of pineapple glazed we had at Sexy Chef’s mom’s house a couple years ago- really good! we are going to try the organic ham by dousing it in organic cherry juice and bought a fresh pineapple so it should be a relaxing, stressfree christmas since we already visited our folks earlier in the month.

Last point of reference- I reorganized the book shelf and found this book I bought at the used bookstore a while back and realized today that it is actually signed by the author! I consider this good luck for sure.


Definitely an interesting read that makes a couple of good points. I am sure i am going to be able to apply some of the core values of the book though.


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