So I turned in the final for Digital Design 5 last nite- my presentation went quite well. I explained about my inspiration for this particular project and I was surprised at how comfortable I felt in front of the other students in comparision to other presentations I’ve done- especially the one I did in undergrad. I think this has to do with that I am actually passionate about what I am talking about and all the hard work involved. 

So when trying to explain my inspiration to such an international audience- I hadn’t planned on it but I mentioned that one of my favorite artists, Wassily Kandinsky, did a series of paintings to try to depict in color and shape of the new and modern sounds that Jazz was immersing into the world at that time

My collection is titled “La Melodie Classique” and set for Spring/Summer 2013. I chose to focus on classical music- the orchestra, conductor, and instruments as my focus of design elements.

I even printed and binded my own book to showcase the project! ( AJ helped me a lot- drilling the holes and glueing the binding together) It was pretty stressful at one point because I’ve never made a book before! It was really time consuming hand cutting all the sheets of paper and since I want to have a hardback cover, it took a long time at the used book store to find a large enough book that I dissembled and recovered with this paper and stiched the binding with embroidery thread:Image


It was pretty intense but came out well.

Here are a few more pictures of La Melodie Classique- hand drawn elements digitized and manipulated along with vector art. Amazing the quality difference with my older work.ImageImage





And to end on a sweet note, here is one of Kandinsky’s compositions that i love. The complexity and color is astounding. I saw a bunch of paintings from this series in the Guggenheim in NYC a couple years ago- even more breathtaking in person!






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